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Video:How to Pick Cherry Tomatoes

with Charlie Siegchrist

The perfect addition to salads, cherry tomatoes are not only tastier when they're fresh, they're also pretty easy to grow. Find out how to pick your ripe cherry tomatoes straight from the garden.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pick Cherry Tomatoes

Hi, I am Charlie Siegchrist for About.com Home and Garden, and today we will be talking about how to pick cherry tomatoes.

Benefits of Garden-Grown Cherry Tomato

One of the main reasons that people have home garden is to have vegetables of unparalleled quality. You go to the grocery store and quite often the material has been picked a little premature so that it is tough enough to withstand some shipping and some time in the grocery store. The peak flavor develops on the vine.

Find the Ripe Cherry Tomatoes

In looking at this cluster of cherry tomatoes you can see the little babies at the very bottom ,and then and increase in size and color to yellowness to light orange and deeper oranges, and then over here we have one that is a deep, deep red all the way to the very top of the fruit.

Pick the Cherry Tomatoes

And to pick it is a simple matter of twisting and pulling and the cherry tomato will fall right into your hands. Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us at Homegarden.About.com on the web. See you there.
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