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Video:How to Pick Cantaloupe

with Ben Kurtzman

This video shows how to pick cantaloupe from the vine after determining if it's ripe. See these tips for how to pick cantaloupe.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pick Cantaloupe

Hi, I am Ben Kurtzman for About.com Home and Garden, and today we are going to be picking cantaloupe.

It's August here at Riverland Farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts, and the cantaloupe are ready to be picked.

Picking Ripe Cantaloupe

Look for cantaloupes that have developed a nice cream or beige color. You do not want one that is still greenish.

Pick the Cantaloupe From the Vine

A ripe cantaloupe should slip easily off the vine with a quick twist. There should be prominent netting on the outside of the cantaloupe. You can also tell if the melons are ripe by giving them a good sniff. It should have a noticeable sweet smell.

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