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Video:See a Microdermabrasion Treatment

with Diana Zdesar

Microdermabrasion treatments are all the rage at the spa, but what exactly happens during a procedure? See what to expect if you decide to get microdermabrasion, and how to care for you skin after.See Transcript

Transcript:See a Microdermabrasion Treatment

Hi, my name is Diana Zdesar at Face to Face NYC for About.com. I'm here to show you a microdermabrasion procedure.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion procedure is a non invasive procedure that gets rid of all dead skin cells off the top layer, off the epidermal layer and allows the new cells to come to the surface of the skin. The microdermabrasion allows the skin to better hydrate itself and the collagen and elastin fibers start working to your benefit and the skin becomes plumper and fuller and a more youthful look.

The Microdermabrasion Machine

This is the microdermabrasion machine that we use here at face to face NYC. Basically it consists of the machine itself which is the heart of the process. The canister contains new crystals and old crystals that get suctioned back into the machine. I’m going to show right now. This is the handheld piece that goes on the skin itself.

And in this dome is where the crystals rotate and in the hole is where it vacuums and holds on to the skin as the rotation of the crystals occur. And then afterwards after its suctioned back its suctioned back into the bottom portion of the cartridge and once this is empty and this is full the cartridge is extracted into the garbage.

Preparing for Microdermabrasion

As you see, our model here is already prepped, the skin has been cleansed. Neutralized. Eye pads have been put on the eyes so the crystals don’t go into the eye area. But we do like to, with the microdermabrasion, get as close to the eye as we can to address potential crows feet and also the neck and the decollete.

Choose the Microdermabrasion Settings

With this machine we are able to control how strongly we want the microdermabrasion to occur. On a client that has never had microdermabrasion before the technician or esthetician would hopefully put the machine on a lower amperage. So we are able to control how the crystals get released and how hard or harsh the suction occurs.

See the Microdermabrasian Procedure

Basically what we want to do is apply a film of the crystals, almost like filling in a puzzle of sorts around the whole area of the skin. Basically we do the one pass, then we need to wipe off whatever crystals are there, trying to once again, not get in the eye area.

And once that is removed then we proceed with another pass. As I said, depending on which spa you go to here at Face to Face NYC we can do two passes and add it to a facial. Or we can do the dermaglow treatment, which is six passes.

Microdermabrasion Aftercare

I’m going to cleanse the skin one more time just to make sure that we get rid of all the crystals, though this is a non-invasive procedure as I've said before. We do recommend that the client do not go out in the direct sunlight. And be, have a lot of sunscreen. The client should have a lot of sunscreen on the skin.

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