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Video:How to Skate on Skis

with Martin Heckelman

Learn how to skate on skis so that you can move quickly across flat terrain. Watch this how-to video from for a step-by-step tutorial on skating on skis.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Skate on Skis

Hi, I'm Martin Heckelman, creator of the SkiTips Apps series. In this lesson you're going to learn how to skate on skis.

What Is Skating on Skis?

Skating is a maneuver that all skiers use to move quickly across flat terrain and gentle slopes. This may be one of the most beneficial maneuvers to learn, as it teaches you how to properly use your ski edges, how to glide and how to transfer your weight from ski to ski. Skating is essentially 'Herringbone Climbing' with thrusting and gliding movements. The movements are very similar to ice skating, as you rhythmically shift your weight from ski to ski.

Body Position for Skating on Skis

To skate on skis, place your skis in a 'V' position with the tips spread apart. Lower your hips and lift one ski in the air and roll your other ankle and foot inwards to set the ski edge.

Now push off the edge of the ski with a thrusting action, placing the other ski on the snow and lean out over it. Glide on that ski and then repeat the same actions in the other direction, remembering to always lean out over the gliding ski. Continue these skating actions, trying to be smooth and rhythmical.

Tips for Skating on Skis

The thrusting action is similar to fencing thrusts. It's good to start off by exaggerating the hip bending and the thrusting and leaning actions. Thanks for watching. This is Martin Heckelman for

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