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Video:Get On and Off a Ski Lift on Skis

with Mike Doyle

If you've never taken a ski lift before, it can look a little intimidating. Don't stress. Getting on and off a ski lift requires just a few basic skills. See how to do it.See Transcript

Transcript:Get On and Off a Ski Lift on Skis

Hi. I’m Mike Doyle, Skiing Guide at We’re here today at Killington Resort in Killington, Vermont with professional ski instructor, Ken Morisseau. Ken is going to show us how to properly load and unload from a chairlift.

Remove Poll Straps

Loading a new type of life for the first time can be tricky but timing is everything. As you make your way to the front of the lift line remove the ski straps from your wrists and use the poles to help you maneuver into the loading zone.

Wait For Previous Chair to Pass

Most resorts indicate your stopping points just before and during loading to help you position yourself for the chair in plenty of time. Upon reaching the head of the line wait for the previous chair to pass you by.

Move Into the Loading Zone

Then move into the loading zone with a push or two of your poles. If necessary use the poles to stop at the load point not your wedge. Lift the poles up off the ground and sit down as the chair nudges you in the back of the legs. Make sure all passengers are fully seated as the chair lifts you off the snow and up the hill. Then reach up and lower the retention bar. Now enjoy the view.

Getting Off the Ski Lift

As the chair nears the top station you’ll do all of these things in reverse to unload. Raise the bar, and as the ground comes up to meet your skis lean forward, till you feel weight on the balls of your feet, and then stand up and allow the ramp to take you away from the chair. Move quickly away from the unloading area before repositioning your pole straps or making any other final adjustments.

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