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Video:Resistance Band Training for Core Strength

with Mike Doyle

Want to learn how to do helpful resistance band training for core strength? This video will give you tips and tricks that will make your core stronger.See Transcript

Transcript:Resistance Band Training for Core Strength

Hi, I'm Mike Doyle, Skiing Guide. I have been working with a personal trainer who showed me some exercises using resistance bands. Now, I've asked Dave Schmitz, Founder of to show us a few specific exercises to improve our performance on the snow and strengthen our ski muscles. Dave is known in the exercise business as "The Band Man." Now, here's Dave Schmitz.

Welcome everybody, this is Dave Schmitz, Mike, thanks again for letting me share another exercise using resistance bands that I think is going to help them become a better skier.

Basics About Resistance Band Training for Core Strength

You know, movement all starts with core stabilization and without a strong core it doesn't matter how strong your lower body or upper body is, you're simply not going to be able to perform on the ski hill the way you want. The other thing is, it's very important you learn how to stabilize your core, which means you have to be able to tell your muscles how to contract and when to contract. Resistance band training not only allows you to go ahead and add resistance to those core stabilization exercises very easily because of the portability, but it also literally will tell your muscles what to do and when to do it.

Four Core Strength Exercises

Let me show you what I mean. We're going to take you through four core stabilization exercises to help make sure your trunk and your hips are well on board before you get into your exercise program or before you hit the slopes. We're going to start with a simple red band and we're going to take the band and we're going to put it across the small of our back. Now, you've all seen pillar strengthening exercises before, but what we're going to do is use the band to reinforce that exercise. We're going to go into, what we call, an extended pillar and hold. Now, the key is, because the band is on my low back I have to draw my belly button in and really stabilize and press up against it. It literally tells me where to go ahead and activate my trunk muscles.

Side Pillar Using a Resistance Band

From there, we're going to go into a side pillar. Make sure you keep the band firmly against the low back, go into a side pillar. This time you're going to push down but keep your shoulders back like there's an imaginary wall behind you and stabilize that lateral compartment, in this case the lateral trunk on the left side. From there, you're going to spin around and go to the other side, hop it up and stabilize holding in that position. That will now engage the right lower trunk and make that increase its stability and stabilization.

Back Pillar Using a Resistance Band

Lastly, we're going to go ahead and we're going to go into what we call a back pillar, where you're going to take the band and rest it on the front of your hips, right across your ASI, so the bones of your hip. You're going to drive your hips up and stabilize by squeezing your butt, pulling your toes back, keeping your eyes looking at the ceiling and really engaging that posterior chain, specifically the butt. Those four pillar exercises are going to make your core rock solid, nice and stable so that now when you go to move and have to use your lower torso and upper torso to create power, your core is on board.

Mike, thanks again for letting me share with your audience a great way to use resistance bands to help develop the core.

Thanks Dave. To learn more, visit us on the web at

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