Magic Carpet Ski Lift - How to Get On and Off a Magic Carpet on Skis Video
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Holiday Valley Ski Resort

Video:Get On and Off a Magic Carpet on Skis

with Mike Doyle

A magic carpet ski lift is like a moving walkway you find in airports, except it goes up a ski slope. See how to get on and off a magic carpet so you look like a pro!See Transcript

Transcript:Get On and Off a Magic Carpet on Skis

Hi, I’m Mike Doyle, Skiing Guide at, and we’re here today at Killington Resort in Killington, Vermont with professional ski instructor Ken Morisseau. Ken is going to show us how to get on and off a moving carpet.

What Is a Magic Carpet?"

Many ski areas today make learning easier by providing an easy to ride lift called a magic carpet. This lift has much in common with the people movers you see in airports.

Remove Poll Straps

“Alright, we’re going for our first magic carpet rise. We want to make sure our pole straps are off.”

Point Skis Uphill and Shuffle Forward

As you move to the load point of this lift remove your pole straps. Step yourself around until your skis are pointing uphill, in-line with the carpet itself, then shuffle forward until you feel the carpet grab your skis and begin to pull you uphill. Be ready for a slight jolt as this occurs. To ride, simply stand on it the way you do when you’re in a straight run, but, of course, you’ll be facing uphill.

Allow the Carpet to Push You

As you near the top, be sure your poles are off the carpet and allow the carpet to push you into the unloading area.

Exit the Unloading Zone

Once your boots are off the moving part of the carpet, shuffle forward, you can push with your poles to exit the unloading zone before the next rider arrives. Now enjoy your run.

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