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Video:How to Wax Skis

with Mike Doyle

You can save a lot of money during ski season by learning how to wax skis. We'll show you what you need to get started, and how to wax skis properly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Wax Skis

Hi. I’m Mike Doyle, About.com Skiing Guide. Today we’re going to talk about waxing skis. If you put 3 or 4 people in your family on skis once or twice a week over the course of a season you can save a lot of money, if you know how to properly wax skis. Now to do that we are going to head up to Aspen East Ski Shop in Killington, Vermont where ski tech Aaron Moulton is going to demonstrate how to wax a pair skis and show us what you’ll need at home to setup so we can do it ourselves.

Supplies to Wax Skis

The folks at Aspen East Ski Shop have set a demonstration area for us. And here's what you will need for a home ski waxing setup. A waxing table and a set of ski vises, a heavy rubber band to hold up the ski brakes, base cleaner and wipes, a waxing iron, a block of universal ski wax, a plastic scraper, a coarse horsehair brush, and a soft nylon brush. All these items can be bought online or at local ski shop. Remember to let the skis warm to room temperature for a couple of hours before waxing.

Secure the Skis

Start by banding the brakes and securing the ski in the ski vise. Then spray the base cleaner on the length of the ski and wipe the cleaner off. Let the ski dry for a couple of minutes.

Apply Ski Wax

Now we are ready to apply the wax. Holding the block of wax against the iron drip the wax along the full length of the ski, just enough so there is no break in the wax line.Once the wax is applied, run the iron slowly back and forth down the ski tip to tail and repeat this a couple of times. It is important to keep the iron moving so as not to damage the base. Note that if there is smoke the iron is too hot and also be careful not to breathe in the wax fumes as they can be harmful. Let the ski cool down for at least ten minutes.

Scrape and Polish Skis

Then it’s time to scrape and polish. Tip to tail run the plastic scraper down the length of the ski a couple of times. Brush the ski, tip to tail, a couple of times using the coarse horsehair brush. Finish with a couple of passes down the ski with the soft nylon brush.

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