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Holiday Valley Ski Resort

Video:Skiing - Gliding Wedge

with Mike Doyle and Ken Marisseau

The gliding wedge, or snow plow, is the starting point for any new skier. It gives you good control and a solid platform for advancement. See our tips on how to get comfortable with the gliding wedge.See Transcript

Transcript:Skiing - Gliding Wedge

Hi, I’m Mike Doyle, Skiing Guide at, and we’re here today at Killington Resort in Killington, Vermont with professional ski instructor Ken Marisseau.

Why the Wedge?

Learning the basic gliding wedge is one of the most important things for a beginning skier. It’s going to give us a stable platform to stand from and it becomes the basis for our turns. The gliding wedge is a maneuver you’ll want to get comfortable with right away. The wedge forms a wider platform for your balance and is the basis for making turns – which are a skier's primary means of control.

Open Legs and Separate Skis

Even while traveling in a straight line the wedge can help you control speed by creating some resistance of the skis against the snow. From a good upright skiing stance open the space between your knees a little and turn your legs so that the tails of the skis separate more than the ski tips.

Put Skis in a V Shape

Forming a narrow V or wedge shape. If your balance remains over the middle of your feet you should feel some resistance between the skis and the snow surface.

Skis Create Friction

But right at the beginning, you may notice when you make your wedge that the skis create a little bit more noise. That’s because they’re creating friction against the snow and they will create a little bit of slowing for you.

Open and Close Wedge for Speed and Control

Practice creating a releasing the wedge in a straight run and experiment with different sized wedges to gain confidence with your ability to control your speed.

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