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Video:How to Do a 50 50 Grind

with Gregory Dwyer

Learn how to do a 50 50 grind from our skateboarding expert. See these tips for doing a 50 50 grind successfully.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a 50 50 Grind

Hi, I'm Gregory Dwyer with azskateboarding.com at the kids that rip skateboard school in Mesa, Arizona, here with About.com. I'm going to show you how to 50 50 Grind.

First Variation of a 50 50 Grind

When doing a 50 50 Grind there's two ways to approach it. Front side and back side. This is the front side 50 50. First, you approach it at kind of a 45 degree angle. It depends on the obsyacle. This is a pretty comfortable approach for most skateboarders. Pop your Olllie, guide this trick in with the back half of your body. Stick your chest out and throw your shoulders over your heels, land on the rail. And now, pay attention to your heel toe balance. Cause you can easily slip off. Sticking out your chest though will create that balance you need, right through the knuckles of your toes. Ride that all the way to the very end. Press on your tail, so that you don't just nose dive out. Let it even out, and land this trick.

Second Variation of a 50 50 Grind

The second variation to the 50 50 Grind is the back side. Approach the rail at about a 45 degree angle, pop you Ollie, this time your going to guide it in with the front half of your body. Still, stick your chest out it's very important, land on this rail and focus on your heel toe balance. You're going to want to press right about the knuckles of your toes and ride it all the way through.

Once you come to the end, lift up your nose and get a nice even drop off. Land the trick and roll away.

Safety Tips for Doing a 50 50 Grind

I would suggest you wear safety gear until you have a few years of experience. Because a skateboard can, can slip out from under you at any time. So, helmet always, knee pads, second best, wrist guards.

It's really important to keep in mind, while doing a 50 50 Grind, stick out your chest and bend your knees and focus on your heel toe balance.

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