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Video:Teachable Moments at the Park

with Kathy Moore

Parents are children's most important teachers, but knowing what to teach, and how to make it engaging, isn't always easy. Here are some ideas on how to make an ordinary trip to the park a fun-filled learning experience for kids.See Transcript

Transcript:Teachable Moments at the Park

Hi I'm Kathy Moore for About.com. Some of the best teaching opportunities for your kids can come from everyday activities. This program offers some ways to find teachable moments at the park

Lessons to Teach at the Park

Our local park has lots of great playground equipment, as well as wide open spaces. When we visit the park we have a fun time playing while at the same time learning about numbers, colors and shapes.

Counting at the Park

My daughter will count the rungs of any ladder she climbs up. Then, my son and I will count how long it takes her to slide down.

My son will count how many steps it takes him to walk across the wiggle bridge.

Before we swing we will count the number of swings and the number of pushes it takes to get going.

Colors and Shapes at the Park

When climbing the jungle gym I ask my daughter to call out the colors she can touch.

On the merry-go round I have the kids point out shapes they know like octogons and triangles.

Sometimes we will try to walk or run in straight lines or in circles. Or we will walk forward and then backward.

Even when we stop to have a drink and a snack, I have the kids count the snacks and point out the shapes of their drink cups or sandwiches.

It is not hard to create teachable moments, whether it is at the park or just around the house. If you make learning fun it will help your kids master those important basic skills even faster. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at About.com.
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