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Video:5 Ways to Save on School Supplies

with Kathy Moore

School supply lists seem to get longer and longer every year, but there are ways to find these back to school items without breaking the bank. See how to find discount deals on school supplies along with other easy ways to save.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Ways to Save on School Supplies

Hi I'm Kathy Moore for Every year shopping for school supplies seems to get more expensive. This program will offer you 5 practical ways to save money on school supplies.

Buy Supplies Ahead of Time

Every year, starting in August, stores hold back to school sales. Most of us dutifully drag our supplies-list to the store and buy the items our kids will need now. But have you ever thought about buying now for next year? This is a great way to save. Most schools publish their school supplies lists online so you can look ahead a see what your child will need next year. If it is on sale, why not buy it now before the price goes up.

Buy Wholesale School Supplies

Another way to save is to buy in bulk from warehouse or office supply stores and then you can divide up your purchases and split the costs with other families.

Use Student Discounts

If you have a student in the house your whole family can save on computer software. Most software companies offer educational discounts that can save hundreds of dollars off normal retail prices.

Spend More on Important Supplies

My mom always used to say “poor people cannot afford cheap things.” I remember this when shopping for backpacks or bookbags for my kids. Many of the models sold in popular stores cannot hold up to a whole year of wear and tear, so consider spending a little more for a backpack with a money back guarantee. The extra money you spend up front will pay you back in the long run.

Seek Out Back to School Bargains

Finally check for school supply bargains at non-traditional outlets such as grocery stores, hardware stores or drug stores. Many of these retailers offer great deals on school supplies in an effort to get you in the door.

It is the money you do not spend that you take to the bank so buy only the items that your child really needs and tuck away the savings for a rainy day. Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us on the Web at
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