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with Kathy Moore

Getting your family ready in the morning can be one of the most difficult tasks you face all day. Make your morning a little less stressful by spending more quality time with your kids.See Transcript

Transcript:Maximize Morning Quality Time

Hi! I'm Kathy Moore for Parenting. Getting your family ready in the morning can be one of the most difficult tasks you face all day. This program will offer strategies to create some quality time in your morning routine and make the start of your family's day a little less stressful.

Establish a Morning Routine

Every parent knows that the secret to reducing morning chaos is to establish a routine and prepare as much as you can the night before. In our house we all choose and set out our clothes for the next morning before we go to bed at night. I also get things ready for breakfast and prepare sack lunches if needed and put them in the fridge so they are all set to go in the morning.

Prepare for the Morning Routine

Before bed at night, we also make a morning checklist that lists any special activity or things we need to bring to work or school so we will not forget them in the morning.

Wake Before the Children

I have found that the best way to create some quality time for myself in the morning is to get up before the kids. Then I do a little stretching in the kitchen while I wait for my morning tea. Having just a few minutes to calmly and quietly ease into the day always helps me approach the rest of the morning with a positive attitude. Once I have had a few moments to myself I wake the kids and get them started.

Create Time for Bonding in Your Routine

The best way to maximize morning quality time is to back time your morning routine to allow extra time for some nonessential activities that you and the kids can do together.

For instance if we need to be out the door at 7 AM, I know it takes about 15 minutes to eat breakfast and 25 minutes to wash up, brush our teeth and get dressed. If I want to have some quality time built into our morning I will wake the kids up at 6 AM or so. Then, once we have rushed through our morning readiness routine, we can pause for a while and read together, color or even take the dog for a morning walk.

Benefits of Morning Quality Time

Children appreciate all the special attention you give them. Creating some quality time in the morning is a great way to start every day.

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