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Having a medical release form on hand for anyone who routinely provides care for your kids can save time and prove to be critical in an emergency.See Transcript

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Why Are Medical Release Forms Necessary?

As parents, we can't always be around when our kids need medical attention. Whether it's during sporting events, field trips, or even visits to Grandma's house, accidents happen and sometimes medical attention is necessary. And that's when a medical release form can provide peace of mind.

What Is a Medical Release Form?

A medical release is a legal document authorizing your child or other legal dependent to receive medical care in your absence. Free printable medical release forms are available online or you can make one yourself.

How to Make a Medical Release Form

Start by writing, "Medical Release Form" at the top of the page and then include your name, address and phone numbers. Next, put down your child's name and list all known medical conditions, medications, and food or drug allergies. You can also list alternate emergency contacts, but always list your child's doctor and dentist and their telephone numbers. Be sure to make one for each child as they may have various conditions that must be noted separately.

This will probably take up a good portion of the front of a page, but you're not quite finished yet. Turns out the stuff past page one on legal documents is actually important. Page two should list any and all medical and dental insurance information, including the name of the insurance company, the company's phone number, the policy number, the policy holder's name and relationship to the child. Additionally, any other relevant information pertaining to the insurance policies should also be described.

The next section of the release is one of the most important ‚the statement of consent. This can be in your own words, or you can use the wording suggested by existing online consent forms. Either way, the gist is that you give permission for your child to get medical care. The next step is to make the document official by having it notarized. Print and fill out the medical release form, but don't sign it yet. Take it to a legal notary public and have it notarized. The purpose of having the release notarized is that it legally verifies you are indeed the person who signed the document. You can usually get free notarization services by visiting your local bank or even some libraries.

If your bank branch doesn't offer notary service or if you don't have a brick and mortar bank, many credit card companies offer free notary service through their affiliated bank branches. Once your medical release form is notarized, it's ready to go. A copy should be given to your children's school, any care providers, and anyone else that may have responsibility for them when you are not available. While you never want anything to happen to your cherished little people, like the old Boy Scout motto, it's good to be prepared. I'm Jonathon Stewart with
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