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Video:What to Wear With Tall Boots

with Christina Crawford

Here, learn all about what to wear with tall boots. See helpful information about what to wear with tall boots.See Transcript

Transcript:What to Wear With Tall Boots

Hi! I am Christina Crawford from Chic Envy Consignment Fairfax Corner.

Information About Finding the Right Thing to Wear With Tall Boots

Finding the most flattering tall boot for you is very important. When you're shopping bring a friend along, a friend you can trust and make sure that you are not buying the tall boot that she likes, it still has to be the tall boot that you like. Also make sure there is a good three-way mirror around.

What Tall Boots Should Look Like On

When you're looking straight ahead you can see what the boot looks like not only from the front but also on the sides and may be even the back by just turning a little. This will give you a better idea on how that boot fits you and what it looks like.Bring along some great trouser socks. This way when you try on the tall boot, it's going to be a good fit instead of wearing some thick socks and you really won't get the boot that fits you properly. Wearing the right outfit when you go shopping will help you pick the most flattering tall boots as well. If you are wearing a skirt, some leggings or jeggings, some skinny jeans even, those are going to be better outfits for you to really get a good idea on what that tall boot is going to look like.What is your body type? Are you short? I am 5'4", so I know that I can't wear a long skirt with my tall boots. I have to wear something where you really feel a little bit of the knee. And I know that I can't have super tall boots either even over the knee boots because it may make me look a little shorter.

Tips for Tall Girls Wearing Tall Boots

Tall girls, well, you want to make sure that your boot is a little bit below your knee, you can wear it even over the knee boots, very chic tall boots that way, you can wear a nice skirt with that as well and you'll have a more elongated look with that.What is your personal style? Are you rock and roll chic? Like these I have on, the hardware is great; it's a lot of fun to wear. Are you more casual, well then this slouchy boot might be something for you. Are you pretty sassy, then you can use something that's very high heel, something with a platform or something with a lot of action happening like some artwork and some hardware on that.

Additional Information About Tall Boots

Make sure that your boot is comfortable. If you are wearing a boot that's comfortable you're going to walk in them better and also flatter your style. If you aren't comfortable how can that even be flattering for you, you'll look very uncomfortable.If they hurt when you try them on and you walk around in the store most likely they're going to hurt you later. A good idea is to read reviews. Before I bought these boots I wanted to make sure, because I bought them online, what other people thought of them. And some of the reviews said that they were true to size and that they were the most comfortable boots that they've ever had and that meant a lot to me.So there are some tips and ideas on how to find the most flattering tall boots for you.
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