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Video:What to Wear With Ankle Boots

with Abby Feldman

Ankle boots are super stylish when paired with the right outfit. Check out some helpful hints and flattering options to help you rock those ankle boots.See Transcript

Transcript:What to Wear With Ankle Boots

Hi there, I’m Abby with Now, you may have noticed a hot new look on feet this season--ankle boots! Now, the trend can be hard pull off. So, we’ve got some helpful hints and flattering options to help you rock this great new look.

Ankle Boots Should Compliment the Pant and Skirt Length

Firstly, what not to wear with your ankle boots: shorts, mid-length skirts and cropped pants. These items can take away from your height and make your legs look short and stumpy – and we don’t want that!  An item that looks great with ankle boots is long skirts. If your skirt covers your legs, – great! If not, add some nice tights or a pair of ruffle socks. Long skirts and ankle boots can give you a great vintage look for fall.

Fitted Pants and Skirts Flatter Ankle Boots

Revamp your short skirts and dresses with a pair of low-cut ankle boots. Leaving the tights out of this combination will give you legs that go on for miles. But, make sure your short skirts or dress isn’t too full – a tighter fit will work best. Pants and ankle boots were made for each other. If you’re wearing stovepipe jeans or tight leggings or pants, tuck them into the boots to add some edge to your outfit. If they’re baggy, let them fall over the boot. There’s nothing worse than ballooning pants!

And remember, while leggings and tights look great with ankle boots, make sure they are full length as cropped styles won’t bring the best out of your calves!We hope these tips will help you look your best from head to toe.

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