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Video:Tips for Wearing Ankle Boots

with Christina Crawford

Ankle boots can be very chic and trendy when worn to match your style and silhouette. Check out some tips for wearing ankle boots in this video.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Wearing Ankle Boots

Hi! I am Christina Crawford from Chic Envy Consignment Fairfax Corner. Here are some tips on how to wear ankle boots. You will see ankle boots everywhere, they are really the rage. And you will see different styles of ankle boots and wonder which one will actually flatter you and which one to buy and what outfit to wear with them.

our Height to Wear the Right Ankle Boot

If you are a shorter person, having an ankle boot that has a V cut down in the front like these two boots here will give a continual line and may help your leg look longer. If you are a tall person, well, you are just the envy of everybody, because ankle boots and a short skirt will just let your legs just look beautiful and nice and long. If you are a plus size person then matching up the colored tights or jeggings or leggings that you wear with the color of the ankle boot will give you more of a continual lean look.

Ankle Boots Look Best With Certain Paints and Skirts

Having a short ankle boot with a long skirt is not a very good look, it is a very "Little House on the Prairie" and that's not en vogue. If you are wearing your ankle boot, you what to make sure that the skirt is at your knee or slightly above your knee for a better look. When wearing pants with your ankle boots, make sure you try not to tuck them in because the helm line will pop out and just look very sloppy. So you can definitely keep the helm line over the ankle boot, and actually, I think jeans and pants look better with ankle boots because you are not stuffing a whole bunch of boot up there around your calves. It gives the boot look without all the stuff around your calf.

Avoid Wearing Socks That Show Past Your Ankle Boot

Here is another caution. When wearing your ankle boots, be sure you are not wearing white or bright color socks. Tall socks with your ankle boots as you walk, anybody could see those, just popping up from the sides, and that's just not a very flattering look at all. If you have to wear socks, make sure that they are small enough even with the smallest ankle boots with the V cut, you want to make sure that those socks are not peeking through, so you may want to wear some peds or some really short sole socks.

So there are some tips on how to wear your ankle boots.
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