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Video:How to Use Shoe Inserts

with Dr. Massuda

Shoe inserts can help alleviate foot pain. Learn how to use shoe inserts to make your footwear more comfortable.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Shoe Inserts

Hello! This is Dr. Massuda from Foot & Ankle Clinics of America, and I'm here today to talk to you about how to use shoe inserts.

Shoe Inserts Alleviate Foot Pain

You don't need to wear a shoe insert unless something is wrong with your foot or you have foot pain. Some people put the shoe inserts because they have heel pain or calluses in the ball. If you do, you can buy them from any pharmacy or any store.

Choose the Right Size Shoe Insert

You need to use the shoe inserts to your own size. They come in different sizes, men and women. As the insert wears down, get a new shoe insert. So if you're going to use them, try to get a new one every three to six months as they wear down. If the shoe insert is too long, cut the shoe insert to fit into your shoe. Take the old insert of the shoe out, otherwise it's going to be too bulky. Put them in the shoe.

If it does not help your feet, go see your local podiatrist because you're probably going to need a new orthotics. I hope all the things that I said will help you take care of your feet. If you have any further problem and your problem does not go away with the local home remedies, please call your local podiatrist and visit them as soon as you can.

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