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Video:How to Properly Measure a Child's Foot

with Ibn Morgan

Measure a child's foot before buying shoes so that you know exactly which size to buy. Here are some tips on how to properly measure a child's foot.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Properly Measure a Child's Foot

Hi, this is Ibn with and today I am going to teach you how to properly measure a child's foot.

Measure a Child's Foot While the Child Stands

Have your child stand on a hard-surface floor with their heels flat against the wall and their weight equally balanced on both feet. Using a pencil or piece of masking tape and mark the floor where the longest toe of the right foot ends. Repeat on the left foot.

Measure the distance between the wall and the marks. One foot might be larger than the other. Find the longest of the two measurements, and use the longer measurement to determine your child's shoe size.

Measure a Child's Foot While the Child Sits

If they cannot stand, have them sit down with their feet flat on the floor. Mark the ends of the heels and big toe. Measure between them to get their size.

Tips for Properly Measuring a Child's Foot

Children's feet swell throughout the day, so take their measurement in the evening. If you are planning to buy tennis shoes for your child, have them wear socks when you take their feet measurements.

Children's feet are smaller than adults, but their feet grow faster. So if your child's foot falls between two sizes, round up to the higher of the two sizes. Make sure their shoes have a little growing room.

Go online and find a child's foot measurement chart to find out the child's shoe size. If you want an easier method, you can go to your local shoe store and measure their foot with a foot gauge.

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