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Video:How to Clean Leather Boots

with Ryan Craggs

Learn how to clean leather boots in order to keep your shoes looking neat and polished all the time. Here are some easy tips on how to clean leather boots so that your boots are ready for wearing.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean Leather Boots

Hi. I'm Ryan Craggs for, and today I'm going to show you how to clean leather boots.

Supplies Needed to Clean Leather Boots

When cleaning leather boots, you'll need a few basic supplies, but nothing special. First, you'll want to have newspaper, so that you don't get polish everywhere. Then, you'll want to have some cloths to actually clean the boots. Personally, I like to use old t-shirts and socks, but they do make cloths specifically for that sort of thing.

Then you're going to want to have polish -- so, brown polish for brown boots and black polish for black boots. So on and so forth. You'll want to have a shoe brush, in order to shine the polish, and personally, I like to have some old toothbrushes on hand, you know, just to clean a little bit better in those small crevices.

Remove Dirt Before Polishing When You Clean Leather Boots

The first thing you'll want to do is put some newspaper down so that you don't get polish all over the floor. Next, wipe the boots down with a damp cloth to remove excess dirt and debris. Remove the laces from the boots before you get to polishing.

Polish In a Circular Motion When You Clean Leather Boots

The next thing you want to do is actually put the polish on a cloth. Now don't use too much polish, because it will start to bunch up on the boots, and it'll be tougher to clean up later. So when you do that, you want to rub in a circular motion, and get just enough so that the cloth is covered, but not so much that it's all over the place.

When you put the polish on, you want to rub it in in a circular motion. Just like that. And occasionally, you'll need to stop for more polish. Be sure to cover the entire surface of your boots. Next, let the polish dry on the boots for about 10 minutes. Buff the boots using a shoe brush to get that high-gloss shine. Lace them back up, and your boots will look good as new.

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