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Video:How to Break in Boots

with Christina Crawford

Learn about the different ways to break in boots by following these instructions. Here, see tips for how to break in boots as easily as possible.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Break in Boots

Hi! I am Christina Crawford from Chic Envy Consignment Fairfax Corner. In this video I'll share with you ideas on how to break in your new boots. Especially tall boots that are leather, they really do need to be broken in, they might be very stiff when you first buy them. And the place that you bought them might be able to do it for you, it might cost you a pretty penny and it might take some time for them to do that for you and give them back to you.

Tips for How to Break in Boots

Doing it yourself will really help you enjoy your boots immediately and save you a lot of money. When purchasing your new tall boots wear some heavy socks with them and just walk around with them intermittently for a couple of minutes a day. A football player once told me that in order for him to break in his leather he wore some heavy tube socks and rubbed soap all over it, in this way you won't have the friction of your foot inside of the new boot while you're breaking them in.Another way of breaking in your boots in a very cost-effective way is by using inserts. And the inserts will expand as you put them in and it will help break out the calf part of your boot.

Break in Boots: Heels and Soles

Let's talk about how to break in your heels and soles. By wearing your tall boots outside, just give it a little scuff and a little twist and turn and it will help take a brand-new heel that is very slippery into a nicely worn heel that has a little bit of scuff in it so you won't slip around as much.I know by working at Chic Envy Consignment that a lot of the customers here love buying boots that have already been broken in. It saves them time and money, they put their foot right inside of the tall boot and it fits them great and they can walk right outside with them and they wink the consigner for breaking it in for them. Having some sanitizing spray might just even give you a little bit of peace of mind and that's very affordable, but the boot is already broken in and that's great.

So there are some tips on how to break in your tall boots.
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