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Video:Comparing Men's and Women's Shoe Sizes

with Lonnie Schreter

Learn how to compare men's and women's shoe sizes and about the reasons why they are different.See Transcript

Transcript:Comparing Men's and Women's Shoe Sizes

Hi, I'm Lonnie Schreter from Schreter's Clothing and Footware in Montreal for I'm here to talk to you about the comparison between men's and women's shoe sizes.

What to Know When Comparing Men's and Women's Shoes Sizes

In order to understand the differences in men's and women's shoe sizes, it helps to understand the differences between men's and women's feet. Generally speaking, women's feet are narrower and shorter while men's feet are wider and longer.

Three Things To Know About Shoes

The three things to consider when fitting a shoe, whether it be men's or women's, is the "last", the "length" and the "width". What we call the "last" of the shoe refers to the overall construction of the shoe. A woman's foot tends to be smaller than a man's foot, therefore the overall "last" is smaller. Comparing men's to women's shoe sizes is very simple. The rule of thumb is: subtract 2 sizes from a US women's size to get a man's size. For instance, a woman's size 10 US is a man's size 8 US. Here is a man's size 8 and a woman's size 10. If we put them together you'll see they're the exact same size. It's important to understand that these are all approximations, as shoe sizes vary slightly from company to company. I hope this video has helped you better understand the comparison of men's and women's shoe sizes.

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