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Video:Comfortable Shoes for Men

with Mark-Evan Blackman

The perfect men's shoe is both stylish and comfortable, but finding the shoe that fits just right can be difficult. Pick up some tips to find comfortable shoes for men.See Transcript

Transcript:Comfortable Shoes for Men

Hi! My name is Mark-Evan Blackman and we are going to be choosing a comfortable pair of shoes.

Much of the men's wear shoe market really is driven by the casual shoe and by the casual shoe, I mean a shoe that certainly could be worn to the office. But if you're middle to upper management, it most probably wouldn't be worn to the office. It's like a casual shoe that usually has a resin or a rubber sole. And it's a shoe that is appropriate certainly to wear with pair of Chinos or walk the dog in.

Consider Shoe Brands Known for Comfort Technology

Many brands come to mind because these shoes are really, really comfortable. There have been a lot of mixed technologies recently, Nike has taken over Cole Haan and because of that Nike has really injected much of its  design philosophy into the brand Cole Haan. And so we are saying shoe that are particularly comfortable because it's based on a sneaker.

Other brands that come to mind are Sperry which is also a cross kind of fusion brand because it was developed for boating and for water and for slick surfaces. As well as something as simple and traditional as Bass, that has given us bucks in every shape and size that we can imagine for the last 50 plus years.

What's particularly interesting about comfort shoes is that, they have to have certainly a certain stylish element to them, but people like them because the insoles are very, very comfortable and they are fairly durable. What makes them durable these days is not necessarily, super highly refined, super expensive leather but perhaps a man-made product.

Shoes Should Be an Investment

When you're buying your shoes, think of them as investments and think of them as classics. Don't think of them as the latest style, the latest trend, something that goes in and out. The average person will keep a shoe that's well-made anywhere between 5 and 10 years and still be stylish because they'll never be trendy. They should transcend the trends.

I hope that this helped you think about the shoes a little differently, in making your choices and empowering you to make the right choices. At this point, I think what you need to do is to go out, buy a couple of pair of shoes, stimulate the economy and have fun doing so. Take care.
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