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Video:Best Shoes for the Office

with Valerie Greenberg

What you wear to the office is a reflection of you, especially your shoes. In this style video from, get tips on shoes that compliment your business style and career.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Shoes for the Office

Hi, I'm Valerie Greenberg, entertainment and lifestyle journalist and today I'm here for to talk to you about shoes that are the best to wear in the office. 

The Edgy Flat

The first pair that I want to show you would be wonderful if you work in fashion or entertainment. It's a peach point shoe that's not quite flat because it has a kitten heel, but it also has extremely comfortable soles, which is going to be important if you're running around from event to event, and that's certainly true for those of you who work in fashion.

The Classic Black Pump

The next shoe that I want to share with you is the classic black pump. These happen to be from Nine West so you can get them at an affordable price. They'll definitely go with any nice pair of slacks or editor pant that you wear or even a nice skirt. This classic black pump screams professional, chic, and classic all at the same time. 

The Nude Pump

It's essential that you incorporate a nude or natural colored shoe. I chose a patent leather pump because it goes with absolutely anything. It's summertime, so natural colors look great and you can see them featured in some of the most high-end glossy magazines. 

The Natural Wedge

The final shoe that I would like to share with you is a natural colored wedge. This will go perfectly with a flowing skirt that we're seeing all over H&M and Forever 21 right now, so you can definitely put together an affordable wardrobe, if you wear this shoe. So, there you have it - some of the best shoes to wear in the office.  Whether you are wearing a suit or business casual, these are some great choices for you. 

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