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Video:10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

with Patricia Eastman

This video offers information on the 10 shoes every woman should own and have in her closet. Here are the ideas for 10 shoes every woman should own.See Transcript

Transcript:10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Hi, this is Tricia Mann with About.com and these are 10 shoes every woman should own. If you like me, you have more than 10 pairs of shoes. It is hard to decide which ones to put in your closet, which ones to keep, and what to buy next. Here are the essentials.

The 10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

  • First you need your ballet flats. It's a great casual shoe. You can wear them with jeans, you can wear it to the office, or you can slip it on if you are running some errands.
  • The next shoe is the athletic shoe. I went with a shoe that helps to shape the rear-end. It has a curve on the bottom that actually help to work out the butt, so it really targets the muscles in the rear-end. If you are more of a runner then I would opt for a running shoe or if you do multiple different sports then I would opt for a cross trainer.
  • The next shoe is the flip-flop. This is a great shoe because you can just slip it on when you are running around the house or if you going to the gym and don't want to walk around on bare floor then you can carry it around in your gym bag. It's definitely an essential.
  • Next, we have the open toe shoe. This is a great shoe show off your pedicure. You can wear it with capris or a dress.
  • Next, you have your wedge. Which is nice because you get a little height with but it is more comfortable than a heel.
  • Then, you have your espadrille. They are great for the beach, or anytime for that casual bohemian look.
  • Then, you have your black pump. Every woman needs a black pump like they need a little black dress.
  • Then, you have the platform pump. Platform pumps are great because you get thicker bottom, which is going to be a little more comfortable so you feet hurt less at the end of the day. These are great to wear with dresses or casually with a pair of pants.
  • Then, you have your nude pump. The nude pump is my favorite because it matches everything and makes your legs look longer and thinner.
  • Lastly, are your boots. Whether they go up to your calf or thigh highs, they are great in the winter to keep your legs warm and be fashionable at the same time. That ten shoes every woman should own.
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