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Video:How to Sew in a Zipper

with Lynn Reynolds

See how to sew a zipper to a garment in just a few easy steps.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew in a Zipper

Hi, I'm Lynn Reynolds for Home. Today I’m going to show you how to sew in a zipper. Sewing a zipper might seem complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy.

Today, I’ll be putting a zipper into this little vintage cape that my 12-year old daughter found at a thrift store. She really loves the 60s look!

What You'll Need

Your zipper should be the length of the opening that you’re putting the zipper into.

Here’s what you’ll need: your sewing machine, the zipper, the garment you’re putting the zipper into, straight pins, thread that matches the fabric, scissors, a seam ripper, and a zipper foot.

If you don’t have a zipper foot, here’s what it looks like. You can purchase one at any sewing goods store.

Sew the Seam With Blasting Stich

Press open the seam where the old zipper was (if you’re starting from scratch, you can skip this step).

Pin the seam together of the opening where you’ll be placing your zipper, right sides together. Sew the seam with a basting stitch from top to bottom (a basting stitch is your longest stitch; we’ll remove this stitching later.)

Press the seam open.

Sew Zipper to the Seam

Place the zipper on the seam so the middle of the zipper is centered over the seam. Then pin it on both sides of the zipper.

Put the zipper foot on your sewing machine. Adjust the zipper foot to the right of the needle.

For this next part you should use a medium size stitch. Now start sewing the zipper to the fabric, starting at the top of the zipper. Place the stitches right next to the zipper teeth.

When you get to the bottom of the zipper, stop. Move your zipper foot so it’s to the left of the needle.

Stitch Sides of Zipper

Now stitch along the other side of the zipper. Then turn the fabric 90 degrees again and stitch along the bottom to secure it.

Be sure to backstitch when you get to the top so that your stitches are locked.

Remove Basting Stiches

Finally, take your seam ripper and carefully remove the basting stitches holding the opening together.

Presto! A zippered opening that looks great. And I can guarantee you my daughter’s going to be wearing this to school tomorrow!
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