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Video:How to Thread a Sewing Machine

with Emeline Villedary

Learn how to thread a sewing machine by filling the bobbin, threading the needle, and picking up the bobbin thread so that the machine is ready to begin. See how to thread a sewing machine with these simple instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Hi I'm Emeline Villedary for and I'm going to show you how to thread a sewing machine.

First Step for Threading a Sewing Machine

So the first step in threading the machine is threading the bobbin.I'm going to put my spool of thread on my spool holder, thread the back hook here and wrap it around the bobbin dial twice and then thread through the top part of my bobbin, pulling the thread out through the top and placing the bobbin on the bobbin winder and clicking it to the right.

Second Step for Threading a Sewing Machine

So holding the top thread of my bobbin I'm going to press on my pedal and start filling my bobbin. Now some machines have an automatic stopper which will automatically stop the bobbin when it's wound with the proper amount of thread. This machine doesn't so you'll have to stop when you find that you have enough thread on your bobbin.

Using thread scissors I'm going to snip the thread, unwind this dial and progress with threading the sewing machine.

How to Thread the Back Hook of a Sewing Machine

Putting my thread on my spool holder I'm going to thread the back hook. I;m going to thread the arrows on the sewing machine. Most sewing machines have arrows to show you how to thread properly.So I've gone through the back hook. I'm going to come down here, back up into this hook, back down. I'm going to thread the eye of the needle. I'm going to cut my thread down here. I find it easier when my thread is freshly cut.I'm going to take my thread and thread the eye of the needle, front to back, just like that. So the top part of my machine is now threaded.

Threading the Bobbin of the Sewing Machine

Second part is the bobbin. This machine has a top loading bobbin.I'm going to take my bobbin, making sure that the thread comes down the left hand side. I'm just going to pop it through the top then I'm going to wind the thread around this groove, just like that. So my bobbin is in. I'm going to hold the thread coming through the top of the machine and I'm going to pick up my bobbin thread. Using my hand on the wheel I'm going to dip in, do one full rotation. As I come up I'm going to pull on the thread. I'll have a little loop coming here, pull it through with a pair of scissors and there we go. I'm ready to sew my first stitch.

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