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Video:How to Sew a Book Cover

with Emeline Villedary

Learn how to sew a book cover with sleeves by cutting out fabric. Here, see how to sew a book cover with these step-by-step instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew a Book Cover

Hi I'm Emeline Villedary for and today we are going to learn how to sew a book cover.

Method for Sewing a Book Cover

Using a pencil you are going to trace out the outer edges of your book.You'll add half an inch around all the tracing of your book so you can cut out a piece of paper that you'll use as your fabric template.Your sleeve needs to be a little bit wider thsn half of the width of your book.I'm going to use my ruler here. I've got about six inches and that looks like it is about right.

So I'm going to use that as the width guide of my book sleeve and the length has to be the length of the book. We'll start with cutting out the pieces for our sleeves so you'll take your pattern piece, you'll lay it on top of your fabric here. What I've done is I've folded over the edge so I'm going to line up the long side with the fold of the fabric and I'm going to pin that down.

We're going to need two pieces and I'm going to just snip down the long side over here.So we have our two sleeves.So the next part of the project is to cut out the body.So we're taking our pattern piece here. We're going to need two pieces that are this size. So now that we are finished cutting our pieces we have two pieces for our sleeves here and two pieces for our body.

Preparing to Sew a Book Cover

Take the first piece of your book cover body and lay it down with the right side of the fabric facing you. Take one of your sleeves, fold it in half and make sure that the folded edge is pointing toward the inside. Lay down out second sleeve. Now we are going to take the second piece of our book cover body and lay it on top with the wrong side of the fabric facing you. So essentially what we've made is we've made a little sandwich with the sleeves in the middle.

Sewing the Book Cover

So we'll put in a couple of pins. We're going to remember to leave a hole at the bottom because we're going to flip the project right-side out. So remembering to back stitch at the beginning sew all the way around. My seam allowance for this project is at a half of an inch and as you see here this is the hole that we've left so that we can easily flip the project out when we're finished. So using our fabric scissors we're going to snip the corners, making sure to not cut into the seam that we've just sewn.

So now working the fabric through the hole. Now we know why we put the back stitch so there's no stress on that stitch.So we have our book cover. I'm just going to press down the edges. We are going to go round and do a top stitch around the edges just to make it nice and neat.So I'm going to line myself up with the one eighth of an inch mark on my sewing machine and back stitch and stitch all the way around. I'm going to top stitch this. So I've done the top stitch all the way around and now the moment of truth. I'm going to go and put our book inside our book cover. Now it might be a little bit snug but we want it to be nice and tight.

Putting the Sewn Book Cover on the Book

So just slip on the sleeve. You have to open the sleeve backwards to put the other sleeve on. What's nice about the sleeves is you can use them as little pockets if you want to put in your bookmarks or notes or recipe cards. You'll open it and there you'll have it. You'll have your book cover on.

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