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Video:Make a Tutu For Kids

with Ana Crane Simpson

Thinking about buying a tutu for your child's ballet lessons? See a few simple design and fabrication techniques to make your own tutu for a fraction of the cost.See Transcript

Transcript:Make a Tutu For Kids

Hi, I’m Ana Crane Simpson for, and today I’m going to show you how to design and fabricate a tutu for your child.

Tutu Supplies

To make a tutu you will need a couple of items from your local craft store:
  • A glue gun and glue stick
  • 1/2 inch elastic
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine
  • 2 sheets of tulle
When choosing a color for the tutu you may want to use a light and dark color to contrast, you will need two different colors of thread depending on the color of tulle, 14 inch ribbon we are going to be making our own bows out of ribbon for the tutu.

Make the Ribbon

Have somebody hold two index fingers apart, and wrap the ribbon across the index fingers, and around to form a loop. You’re going to twist, pull up and tie a knot. Once you pull it off the index fingers, you can fluff the ribbon in order to give it its shape.

Measure the Fabric

Measure the child's waist. Multiply that measurement by two and that will give you the length of tulle needed for the tutu. Lay your fabric out, and fold over in two layers. Using your measuring tape, take the appropriate length and mark with pins. You will cut along the line. Then you will do the same for the waist measurement. Mark it with pins, and cut along the line. Now we are ready to cut out the accent color for the tutu. You will follow the same steps as before.

Measure the Elastic

Next, the elastic should measure the child's waist plus four inches. You will take the first layer of tulle, and stretch out the elastic over it, pinning every inch to inch and a half. Next, put the elastic and the tulle under the sewing machine, pulling the elastic tight. Make sure it is on the inside of the tutu.

Assemble and Sew the Tutu

Join right side to right side to close the skirt. Next, take your accent color of tulle, and begin placing it around the top of your tutu, placing pins every inch to inch and a half pulling the elastic tight. Once you have done that all the way around the skirt, put it under the sewing machine and sew all the way around pulling the elastic and the tutu tight. Once you have completed that and let all the pins go, the skirt will begin to take its shape.

Attach the Bows

Now you are ready for the final step, which is attaching your bows. In this case we are using three bows, so place your pins equally apart around the skirt. That is where you will glue the bows.

Next, plug in the hot glue gun. Once it has reached its maximum temperature, turn the bow upside down and place a drop of glue in the center of your bow. Attach to the skirt where you have placed your pins. Allow the glue to dry. Repeat this step for the amount of bows you will like to add around the skirt. Once you have completed this, and the glue is dry, your child is ready to model the tutu.

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