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Video:How to Sew a Pot Holder

with Sarah Cogan

Sew a pot holder to make a lovely homemade gift for friends and family. Here are some tips on how to sew a pot holder.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew a Pot Holder

Hi, my name is Sarah Cogan and today we're going to be making a pot holder.

Supplies Needed to Sew a Pot Holder

For this project, you're going to need:
  • about a quarter yard of fabric
  • about a yard of bias tape
  • some tracing paper
  • some tracing wheels
  • a quilt ruler
  • a pencil
  • a seam ripper
  • a pair of good scissors
  • some straight pins
  • some push-pins to pin your fabric and your pattern together

Trace and Pin the Pattern to Sew a Pot Holder

So I am going to take my tracing paper, I am going to put the wax side down. I am going to take my pattern and we are going to lay it down as well and trying to get to as close to the edge of the fabric as possible. I am going to begin pinning.

So now that we've laid out our pattern, let's go ahead and start tracing it out with our tracing wheel and ruler. So now that we have traced our pattern, we're going to go ahead and start cutting it out.

Our next step is to pin them together. We're going to quilt them together. So you want to put your pins all throughout. So once you've pinned your two pieces together, we're going to go ahead and lay out our grid for quilting. I am going to run my quilt on the diagonal and I am going to get myself aligned with the pencil.

Stitch a Quilt Pattern to Sew a Pot Holder

We are now ready to go to the machine and we're just going to do a straight stitch along our lines. So once you've quilted your pot holder, go ahead and grab your bias tape, and you're going to open it up and you're going to line that one of these creases here with your side seam.

So to mark my corners of my bias tape, I am going to pin diagonally into it to give me a line to fold my bias tape around. So once you have finished doing all the way around your square, you're going to want to leave the excess tail to just kind of hanging off, and you're going to want to sew it as close to your starting point as possible.

So once you've finished sewing your pot holder to your bias tape, the next step is then to trim off the extra seam allowance of your pot holder, and you want to line it up to the extra seam allowance of your bias tape. You're going to also want to make sure that you trim off your corners to allow the bias tape to easily fold over on.

Pin the Bias Tape Around the Pot Holder

So once you've done that, you're going to go ahead and start pinning your bias tape right over it. Once you reach the corner of your pot holder, you're going to want to ease your bias tape around it and I would suggest working from the center of the corner and easing your way out.

Once you reach the end to where your tail is, you're going to want to flip it over the start of your bias tape to encase it and then you want to pin all the way along it. And the reason we're doing this is we're going to sew right on the edge of our bias tape all the way around the pot holder and then continue it down our tail, ending at the end of the tail.

Make a Loop With the Bias Tape Tail to Finish Sewing a Pot Holder

So you're going to go ahead and take your tail, you are going to make a little loop with it, and you're going to pin it down against itself. You're going to go ahead and do that in its corner. And then our next step is just to give a little tap right across here, and here and now, we've created our pot holder.

So once you've finished tacking down your loop, it should look like this, and you're done. You've created a pot holder. Thank you for sewing with me today and I hope you enjoy your pot holder.
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