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Video:How to Sew a Circle Scarf

with Cindy Fetzer

Learn how to sew a circle scarf so that you can wear a custom-made version of this popular trend. Here are some tips on how to sew a circle scarf.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew a Circle Scarf

Hi! My name is Cindy with and today I am going to teach you how to make a circle scarf. A lot of people want to make these nowadays -- they're really easy and they are a lot of fun.

Supplies to Sew a Circle Scarf

All you are going to need is some scrap piece of fabric and we need something that's about 60 inches long and maybe about 4 or 5 inches wide and just make one long piece of fabric.

Place the Edges of the Fabric Together to Sew a Circle Scarf

So we have our long piece of fabric and the very first step that we are going to do is, fold two right sides together, long ways, and make our seam all the way down. We are not going to sew off of each edge.

We are going to let come in a little bit from each edge. We are going to put our edges of our fabric together and we are going to pin, because we always we pin before first before we sew. It holds our fabric together.

Use a Straight Stitch to Sew a Circle Scarf

We are on a straight stitch right now, because everything we do, when we construct, we construct with a straight stitch. I'm not going to start at the very end down here, because I wan to be able to put these two pieces together at the end. And it's a long piece, so just keep going all the way to the ends. There we are.

And then I am now going to sew it the rest of the way down. After we make our seam, we have to flip the fabric out. So we are going to go all the way to the back of the fabric. Grab the back just like you would a sock or pull your pant legs out. You are going to go all the way back to the back and grab of it and push it through. And then we are going to make a long tube.

Sew the Edges Together to Sew a Circle Scarf

So, now we have the right side of the fabric facing out. We have one more seam in this. We want to put the edges together to make a circle, because we are making a circle scarf, so we are going to put the two edges together, your right sides together and your edges together. And we are going to go all the way across.

Now we have our circle and we just have one little seam right here to finish. Put these two pieces together here and sew it across. And we are just going to sew it close to the edge and I have that pin right there lining up my seam allowance, and we wan the edges to be together. And then do another, so it now makes a nice scarf for the winter time.

This is Cindy with teaching you how to make your own scarf. Thank you!
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