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Video:How to Sew Leg Warmers

with Cindy Fetzer

Learn how to sew leg warmers so that you can keep yourself warm in style during the winter months. Here are some tips on how to sew leg warmers.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew Leg Warmers

Hi! My name is Cindy with and today we're going to teach you how to make leg warmers and what you want when you make leg warmers, is some net fabric or something that stretches.

Measure Legs to Sew Leg Warmers

You need something that's going to be able to stretch over your legs. So we don't need any patterns. All we're going to need is some measurements.

You want to measure how long the leg is, so how long you want your leg-warmer, and all the way around the leg. You're going to do about 20 inches here. 20 inches is good depending on how high you want them to go. You can measure your legs to see how big of a piece that you need.

Finish Edges in Lettuce Style to Sew Leg Warmers

The very first thing that we're going to do is just finish off these edges, at the top and the bottom of the leg-warmer. So we're going to go over and put our machine on a zigzag stitch and just zigzag down the fabric. So we're really going to stretch this as we go, because I want it to have a little lettuce look at the edge of it, and when you stretch fabric, stretch your fabric like that, you get this little lettuce look. The more you stretch, the more you get.

So we're going to do this all the way down this fabric. Now we have our square with our finished edges, and you can finish these two edges anyway you want. We just did a zigzag over the edge or you could fold them over like I was saying.

Stitch Down to Sew Leg Warmers

So the last step in this project is we're going to put two right sides together and this is my right side over here. So I'm going to put two right sides together and do the stitches all the way down, and this is going to be our back seam. So it's going to go in the back of the leg and we can throw some pins in to hold it together, because everything we do, we pin together. Make sure your edges are together, so we can lay those flat.

We're just going to go and make this our last seam and then we will have our leg warmer.So now I'm on a straight stitch and I want my length to be a little bit longer, because I had it close together for the zigzag, and when I pin this together, you want to make sure the top edges and the bottom edges are together.

You want these edges to be together, and we're going to sew this 5/8ths of an inch all the way down. All our seam allowances are always 5/8ths of an inch. We're going to pull our pins outs and we have a leg warmer.We're going to flip it out and we have our leg warmer, and this is our leg warmer. It only has one seam with two finished edges on each ends, and don't forget to make another one for your other leg.

But this is Cindy with Thank you!
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