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Video:How to Sew: Sew a Curtain

with Kay Porczak

Sewing a curtain isn't hard if you know how to approach it. Watch this video to see tips and tricks for sewing a curtain correctly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew: Sew a Curtain

Hi, I'm Kay Porczak, co-owner of Picking Daisies Modern Fabrics in San Luis Obispo, California. I'm here today for to show you how to sew a curtain.

Supplies for Sewing a Curtain

To do this you will need fabric, coordinating thread, a seam guide, a sewing machine, a tape measure, and scissors. In general, a curtain should be 1½ times the width of your window, so you'll want to begin by measuring the window you want to dress.

Instructions for Sewing a Curtain

Once you have the dimensions of your window, you need apply that to your fabric. The width of the fabric should be the width, plus one half of the window. You also need to add an extra 3½ inches to the heighth of your fabric and two more inches to the width to allow for hemming. It's now time to begin working with our fabric. Depending on the type of material you've chosen, you may or may not want to pre-wash. Your best bet is to refer to a fabric guide before getting started. We've selected 100 percent quilt-weight cotton for our curtain. I'm going to begin by placing my fabric right-side down and folding the top edge of my curtain one half inch under.

Pressing Hems When Sewing Curtains

I need to press my hem now with my iron to hold it in place before taking it to the sewing machine. You can also pin it in place if that makes the sewing a bit easier for you. Now, I'm going to sew the top hem one-quarter-inch in from the folded edge of the fabric. There's more to do with the top of the curtain, so if it looks a little unfinished don't worry. We need to work on the other sides first, before we get back to the top. Now I'm going to hem the remaining three sides of my curtain.

More Instructions for Sewing Curtains

Let's start with the bottom of the curtain. I'm going to fold it up one-half inch and press it in place. Then I'm going to fold it one-half-inch and press it again. Now it needs to be sewn with the stitching one-quarter inch from the inside of the top fold. You will need to repeat these steps exactly for the remaining two sides of the curtain. Once that's done, go back to the top, fold it in two inches, press, and pin it in place. Sew it one-half inch from the bottom of the fold you just made. This will become your channel for the curtain rod. Once finished, go ahead and hang your newly sewn curtain in the window. It's just that easy!

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