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Video:How to Sew: Sew a Basic Apron

with Kay Porczak

Sewing a basic apron is easy if you know how to approach it. Watch this video to see how an apron is made.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew: Sew a Basic Apron

Hi, I'm Kay Porczak, co-owner of Picking Daisies Modern Fabrics in San Luis Obispo, California. I'm here today for to show you how to sew a basic apron.

Supplies for Sewing a Basic Apron

To do this you will need a tea towel, matching thread, about two yards of twill tape, a sewing machine, pinking shears, scissors, a removable fabric marker, an iron, a measuring tape, and straight pins.

Instructions for Sewing a Basic Apron

First, grab your pinking shears and use them to cut three pieces of twill tape: one 20-inches in length, and two 24-inches in length. The pinking shears will stop the twill tape from unraveling. Grab the width of your tea towel and fold it in half and mark the center point with a removable fabric marker. It's a good idea to finger crease the fold so you can easily mark it when you unfold it. From the center point you've just marked, measure five inches on either side and mark those two points as well. Grab one corner of your tea towel and fold it inward evenly across the first outer mark. Grab the inner corner of the fold and make an accordion fold back to the outer corner.

More Instructions for Making an Apron

Now, grab the 20-inch piece of twill tape and place it in between the accordion fold you just made, with the long end flowing outward from the tea towel. Make sure the edge of the tape sits inside the hem of the tea towel. Pin the twill tape in place and repeat this process on the other side of your tea towel, using the other end of the twill tape in the accordion fold. When securing your twill tape in place on the side of your apron, make sure it's not twisted. It's now time to sew our twill tape in place and you'll do this with a simple straight stitch inside the top hem of the tea towel.

Once that's done, it's time to work on the waist ties. Take your tea towel and measure 12 inches from the top edge down, along one side hem. Place one of your 24-inch pieces of twill tape at this point and pin it in place. Repeat this on the opposite side and head back over to your sewing machine. You'll sew straight stitches along the edge of the tea towel hem securing your waist ties in place. And there you have it … an adorable apron for everyday or entertaining.

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