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Video:How to Sew: How to Thread a Needle

with Melissa Louch

Threading a needle can be difficult because of the small opening. This video from will show you tips for getting it right every time.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew: How to Thread a Needle

Hi, I'm Melissa Louch, resident seamstress at Picking Daisies Modern Fabrics in San Luis Obispo, California. I'm here today for to show you how to thread a needle.

Supplies Needed for Threading a Needle

To do this, you will need thread, scissors, and a needle.

Instructions for Threading a Needle

First, you'll want to grab your scissors and thread. Keep in mind that you'll need about 24 inches of thread to avoid issues with tangling as you sew. Cut the end of your thread at a 45 degree angle. Cutting the thread at an angle makes it much easier to slide it through the needle's small opening. Once the thread is cut, grab whichever needle you'll be using. Moisten the thread with either bees' wax or a little bit of saliva to aide in the threading process. Once you've wet the thread, place that end of the thread through the eye, or ovular opening of the needle. Pull the thread all the way through until the two ends of your thread are even.

Tying Off the Ends When Threading a Needle

At this point, you'll need to tie off the ends of your thread. There are two ways you can do this. The first is to pinch the two ends of the thread between your thumb and forefinger. With your free hand, wrap the thread around your forefinger three times. Slowly slide the thread off the end of your finger with your thumb in a twirling motion. Once you've pulled it completely off your forefinger, you'll have a circle. You'll want to grasp the circle where it meets the long thread and gently pull downward. This will create a bulky knot that will not pull through your fabric.

The second method is a little tidier. You'll begin the same way by pinching the two ends of thread between your thumb and forefinger. Wrap the two threads around your forefinger once and tuck the ends of the thread through the circle, pulling downward gently to tie a small knot. This knot will pull through your fabric, so you'll need to make a small stitch in your project to secure it. You do this by inserting the threaded needle into the wrong side of your project, pulling the thread through on the right side about half way, and making a small stitch by pushing your needle from the right side to the wrong side. Flip the fabric over so you're looking at the wrong side, and place the needle in between the two threads. Pull tightly and you've got a secure knot. And that's how you thread a needle.

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