Strengthening Exercises for Seniors - How to Do Strengthening Exercises for Seniors Video
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Video:Strength Exercises for Seniors

with Tricia van der Walde

Learning how to do strengthening exercises for seniors can be a great way to build muscle in places where the elderly need it most. Here, see step-by-step instructions for doing strengthening exercises for seniors.See Transcript

Transcript:Strength Exercises for Seniors

Hi I'm Tricia van der Walde for and I'm going to show you 5 strengthening exercises for seniors.

Before Doing Strengthening Exercises for Seniors

Before starting any strengthening exercises you should be well hydrated, have comfortable clothing and have good stable shoes on your feet.

Five Strengthening Exercises for Seniors

The first exercise will be for your arms and if you don't have light weights you can use tins of peas or whatever you have in the house. So now you stand with your feet hip-width apart, your cans in your hands and your palms are face-down and we start first with the letter T. Bring your arms up shoulder height and then slowly coming back down.Use your breath so as you come up you exhale, inhale coming down. You do this up to 8 times and then you can start with another letter, the letter L. So you have the arm in front and other arm coming up laterally and the same breathing, exhale going up, inhale going down. So we do the letter X, one arm in front, one arm in back and continue with the other side.

Next is an exercise called the squat and we'll be using a chair. Face forward, hands or your palms facing up, drawing in the belly button, feet hip width apart and you are going to go down slowly until you just feel the chair underneath you and come right back up, hips coming forward as you stand up. Continue up to 8 to 12 times and work up to 3 sets of these.

The next exercise is for the abdominals and we call it the seated twist. Feet hip width apart, back is straight, arms in front, relaxing the shoulders, palms up. When you start this position I want you to recline a little bit so you have your abdominals engaged. Start the exercise, bring the hand behind you, exhale, come back to the centre. Inhale, exhale, come back to the centre switching from one side to the other.

The next exercise is for the back and we call it the superman exercise. You place the cushion underneath the knee, hands underneath the shoulders, and you left the opposite leg so it is at the level of your hips, flex your foot so your toes are pointing down, your eyes are facing towards the front of the mat and you gently bring the opposite hand to the level of the shoulders, fingers spread out and you breathe in and out, holding this position for about eight breaths and come down to the starting position. You can switch yourself onto the cushion if your cushion is big enough. You simply switch to the other leg, other arm coming up into the same position, drawing in the belly button, making sure your eyes are gazing ahead, your neck is aligned with your back, breathing in and out and holding that position for about 8 breaths.

Our last exercise is a modified push-up. SO you are going to have your hands in front of you, hands underneath the shoulders, fingers spread apart. Ou can lift your feet and cross your legs and then we are just going to gently bend our elbows, looking ahead of the mat, inhale, exhale as you push back up. Do this 8 times or even 8 to 12 times slowly and work up from one to three sets. Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us on the web at

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