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Video:How to Set Mini Brads

with Rebecca Ludens

See how to use a mouse pad and an office push-pin to easily set a mini brad in a scrapbook page, or greeting card project.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Mini Brads

Hi, I'm Rebecca Ludens for Home and Garden. Today, I'm going to show you how to set a mini brad.

What Are Mini Brads?

Mini brads are versatile little embellishments that can be used to hold photos or other items such as ribbon on a scrapbook page or they can be a decorative addition to any paper craft project.

Mini Brad Supplies

The secret to making it easy to work with these small brads lies in the tools. A mouse pad flipped upside down and a standard office push-pin are all you will need.

Place Object on Mouse Pad

Simply place the item that you want to add a brad to on top of the mouse pad. The pad gives enough stability to keep the paper from bending or wrinkling while being soft enough to allow the pin and brad to penetrate it.

Poke a Hole

Poke a hole with the push pin where you would like to place the mini brad. Remove the pin and replace it with the brad. The hole created by the pin is the perfect size for mini brads.

Turn Project Over

Turn your project over to separate the prongs of the brad. You can also use these simple tools to attach a brad through the ribbon. The push pin separate the fibers in the ribbon just enough to allow the brad to slip through easily.

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