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Video:How to Make Paper Dolls With Children

with Nadia Chapman

Make paper dolls with your children to spend time together and make fun crafts. Here are some tips on how to make paper dolls with children.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Paper Dolls With Children

Hi, my name is Nadia Chapman for Doing arts and crafts with your kids is not only the perfect opportunity to spend time together, but also a great way to have them use their imagination and creativity.

Supplies Needed to Make Paper Dolls With Children

Making paper dolls is a fun activity for little or bigger kids. So, go grab your scissors and let's start having some fun. Here's a list of things you will need for this activity:
  • Some hard cardboard -- you can also use empty cereal boxes, shoe boxes, or other recycled cardboard
  • Colorful construction paper
  • A black permanent marker with a fine point
  • Kid-friendly markers or crayons
  • Kids' scissors
  • Regular scissors (for you)
  • Tape
  • Kid-friendly glue
  • Craft supplies such as stickers, glitter glue, fancy papers, etc.
  • Popsicle sticks or other wooden sticks
  • Pencil

Draw and Trace the Paper Doll Shapes to Make Paper Dolls With Children

First off, have your kids draw with a pencil a person on the hard cardboard. If the kids are too young to make their own, draw it for them. They can be smaller or larger dolls, and you can choose whatever gender you want.

If you choose to draw a silhouette with opened legs it might be a bit more challenging to dress it later. For little ones, keeping the shape simple, quite large, and with closed legs can be much easier. Don't forget to dress your doll with a pajamas, underwear, or bathing suit.

After the dolls are complete, take the black marker and trace over the whole body. Bigger kids can do it themselves. Have the kids cut their dolls, and of course cut them yourself if the kids are too small.

Color and Cut the Paper Dolls to Make Paper Dolls With Children

Have them color the hair, eyes and clothes on the doll, and they can color the skin if they want. Today I am not laminating the dolls, but it can be an option at this point of the process, that would give more durability to the dolls.

Take your stick and glue it behind the doll, starting from the top of the head or around the neck. You can add tape to make it more solid. Your doll is ready to get dressed.

Create Paper Clothes to Make Paper Dolls With Children

Lay your doll on a piece of paper, preferably some construction paper, and make sure you leave about an inch from the top. Doing this will leave enough room to add tabs that will fold behind the doll's shoulders.

Draw some lines around the body depending on where you plan on drawing clothes. Do not forget to add the tabs. This can also be done when you are done drawing the clothes. Larger tabs will be easier for your kids to fold, and it will also hold better on the doll.

Don't Forget to Add Tabs to Clothes When You Make Paper Dolls With Children

Make sure to add tabs that will flip over the shoulders -- those will be the main support for the clothing in general. Once the clothes are done, have the kids color and decorate them. This is a fun, and exciting part. They can glue things on, they can color, draw details such as pockets, add stickers -- the sky is the limit.

Once they are done, they can cut the clothes, or you can if the kids are too little. Make sure not to cut off the tabs.

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