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Video:How to Make Clothes for Paper Dolls

with Nadia Chapman

Make clothes for paper dolls for a fun, creative activity to do with your kids. Follow this step-by-step guide to make clothes for paper dolls.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Clothes for Paper Dolls

Hi, I'm Nadia Chapman for Making paper dolls with your kids is a great way to use their imagination.

Tips for Including Kids When Making Clothes for Paper Dolls

First they have to make a doll, than they have to design clothes, and than they get to play with them. Designing the clothes is by far the most creative part of the whole process. It's much easier than you think, and also a lot more fun! There are many different ways to design clothes for paper dolls, and it's much easier than you think.

Your bigger kids will enjoy drawing, cutting, and decorating the clothes on their own. Your little ones might appreciate the extra help when it comes to cutting; especially since the clothes need to have tabs around them. That's right, the most important part of making paper dolls clothes is not forgetting the tabs. That's how the clothes will hold on to the doll. It is important to make long, and large tabs, and not too forget to add two on top of each pieces of clothe that will fold over the shoulders, and be the main source of support.

Outline the Shape of the Clothes for Paper Dolls

Lay the doll on the piece of paper you will use for the clothing, and leave about an inch on top, this will assure enough space for the two tabs that will flip over the doll's shoulders. Make lines, or dots where you want the clothes to be. If you want to make a sleeve less shit for example, make dots over the shoulders, and under the arms to mark where you will have to draw the shirt.

If you want to make pants, start from the waist, and add tabs on both side of the body, and draw lines along the legs. Doing so will give you an idea of where to complete the lines for the clothes after you remove the doll from the paper.

use Real Fabrics to Make Clothes for Paper Dolls

Another fun way to make paper doll clothes is by using real fabric or felt sheets. Instead of making tabs, you can leave long tin pieces of fabric on two sides, and can attach them behind the doll. Ask your kids what kind of clothes they want for their dolls: a dress, a shirt, a ballerina outfit, or whatever they can think of, have fun with it.

Tips for Finishing the Clothes for Paper Dolls

Help them with drawing the outlines, making sure the clothes will fit the doll and that there is enough tabs. You can use stickers to add details to the clothes. Have your kids color, or paint on the clothes. Use different colored construction papers for different outfits. Let your kids use their imagination, and enjoy watching get creative. At the end, take a piece of paper and make a pocket using tape or staples on the side. Decorate it with the doll's name, and use it to store the paper clothes.

Enjoy, and thanks for watching. For more information, please visit us on the web at

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