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Video:What is Offshore Fishing?

with Eric Collins

You have a better chance at catching a larger batch of fish if you know the right places to look. In this About.com video, learn how to offshore fish, so you can gain a solid catch.See Transcript

Transcript:What is Offshore Fishing?

Hi, my name is Eric Collins from Capitol Fishing tackle. I'm here with About.com to talk to you about offshore fishing.

What is Offshore Fishing?

Offshore fishing can actually be classified by two different things. In many cases offshore  fishing is actually called surf fishing. Its fishing from the beach to try and trigger your striped bass, bluefish, porgy and sea bass.

Offshore Fishing on a Boat

The other type of offshore fishing would be where you're fishing on a boat, further out, far beyond where you can see from land. You're typically trying to trigger you pelagic species like dolphin, dorado, tuna and shark, anything of that sort.

Offshore Fishing on the Beach

When you're offshore fishing from the beach, most people like to use a spinning reel. The reason because, you can take the reel, it's much easier to cast, you take the line directly off, you're able to take a 9-11 foot or even a 12 foot rod and really cast a plug or bait a really long distance. That way you're able to trigger most of your blitzing fish or you're even able to get any of the holes where the fish might be hiding in.

When you're fishing off the beach the most important thing you can do is try and locate two things. One is trying to see the birds working back and forth, diving down and picking up little pieces of baitfish. Or try and locate something called a rip. Thee is an influx of oxygen that comes through that rip that the big fish can sit there and relax and wait for their prey to come in. The baitfish will actually move in, they'll be pushed in and move with the current.

There are many different ways you can surf fish from the beach. You can use lures, like bucktails, really popular lures or needlefish, or even darters or poppers.

Offshore Fishing with Bait

Another way of fishing is you can throw bait out. Typically in the northeast region most people are going to use bunker, clams or sandworms. 

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