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Video:Quick Tip: What is Chum?

with Scott

Chum is ground up bait fish thrown in chunks into water to attract fish up to a mile away. Learn what chum is made of and how it works in this video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: What is Chum?

Hey guys, good morning, Scott, Redondo Beach Sport Fishing. The Topic, Chum.

What is Chum?

Chum is taking generally an oily fish, the tunas, the mackerels, certain surf fish have a lot of oil in them, and essentially turning them into ground burger. That would be the closest thing that I could say. In other words, masticating it, chewing it up, and then storing it for future use.

We then take this chum and we can use it inshore or offshore, whatever it’s purposes are. We attract small fish for bait with it, or we attract small fish to attract larger fish. We are feeding smaller stuff to bring larger stuff in.

Guys thanks for watching, for more information please go to About.com.

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