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Video:How to Find Good Fishing Spots

with Eric Collins

In this video, learn how to look for the best fishing spots, so you can always have the best of luck when looking for that first catch.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Find Good Fishing Spots

Hi I'm Eric Colins from Capitol Fishing Tackle. I'm here with to talk to you about how to find good fishing spots.

The Best Places to Look for Fishing Spots

One of the best ways to locate a good fishing spot it so locate the birds diving down into the water. That’s when you know there’s plenty of baitfish down there getting chomped down by a couple of bluefish. Also on the sides of those bluefish pods, you will find a couple of striped bass that are lingering around.

Another way to locate a lot of fish is to locate where the rip is. Its when you get two bodies of water that meet each other, say on the outgoing tide and they combine and it creates a definite rip in the current. The baitfish is pushed into there, where the bigger fish are just hanging back waiting because there’s a lot more oxygen in the water.

One of the best ways to find a good fishing spot is to use a GPS or a map. A map typically that marks all the artificial reefs and ships that have sunk in the past is one of your best routes. What they do is they offer loran numbers that you can plug directly into your GPS and that will take you directly over these spots. What you want to do is once you get to these spots, especially during blackfish season is to anchor up directly over them and then you’re able to drop down and do really well with fishing.

Be Aware of Tides when Searching for Fishing Spots

Tides are very important when fishing. Most fishermen can never agree on which tide is best to fish out of. But from my personal experience my favorite is the outgoing tide. I’ve just had much better experience fishing the outgoing tide than the incoming tide.

Typically when you’re fishing the outgoing tide everything that’s inside the bay ends up flowing out towards he oceans. And the bigger fish will sit a little bit further back while all the baitfish are being pushed out toward the ocean so it creates a good lunch environment for your bigger fish.

Sometimes it’s the exact reverse scenario where some people do prefer the incoming tide where some people will actually see the bigger fish swim toward the baitfish as the tide is incoming. Its all the fish that are on the outside of the ocean trying to come back into the bay and feed for the day.

Fishing can sometimes be a very big patience game. So if you’re in it for the long haul you sometimes just have to wait it out a little bit. You have to change spots, you have to try new baits, its all about a patience game. 

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