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Video:How to Catch Flounder

with Jeff Mackin

Flounder are considered bottom predators that can be found in backwaters and estuaries. In this video, learn the best places to fish for Flounder, and the best time to catch them.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Catch Flounder

Hi, Jeff Mackin with the International Game Fish Association. Today, with, we're going to be talking about catching Flounder.

What are Flounder?

Flounder are kind of the ultimate, bottom predator. As you can see, they're completely flat, they lay flat on the bottom and ambush prey as it comes by, typically you'll find them, during the year, back up into the inshore waters back into the estuaries, the rivers, the creeks. In the fall, cold water actually pushes them out into the inlets and then out offshore. They go offshore up to like 100 feet of water to actually spawn. Then, in the springtime, they start to migrate back into the inshore waters.

Best Fishing Locations for Flounder

To target flounder in the backwaters, in the estuaries, a good way to do it is to find little creeks. So, what you're going to look for, lets say in these estuaries you find little creeks that washout during outgoing tides that draws bait out of these creeks. What you want to do is you want to park your boat and anchor up just away from the mouth of the creek. With things like jigs, something like this, possibly tipped with a shrimp or a small finger mullet, you want to anchor up and make casts as far back into the creek as you can. Let it sink to the bottom and work it very slowly back to the boat, you want to keep it very close to the bottom. Again, flounder are not strong swimmers, they don't go too far to chase bait, so they wait for the bait to come to them, which is what's happening when the current is bringing the bait out they'll often sit right at the mouth, and as you bring it in here, very slowly, they'll take your bait.

Make casts back and forth until you find fish. If you don't find fish after 15 casts you feel like you've covered the creek mouth enough, then you can move on to the next creek.

Another place to target Flounder is around structure. Things like jetties, rock piles, docks, bridges; anything that causes a break in the current causes jetties, that's often where you'll find flounder. So, to target those, use things like jigs, small mullets, and shrimp. Cast into these areas, let the current bring it down bouncing along the bottom and you'll often find flounder that way.

The Best Time to Fish for Flounder

In the winter time, and the fall, when the cold fronts start to push the flounder out into the inlets, a good rig to use when you're targeting these flounder that are in the inlets, is a Carolina style *rig.  What you want to have is a small sliding egg sinker to slide along the main line to a swivel, and to your swivel you also attach your leader. Your leader can be between 20 – 30 pound mono or fluorocarbon. To this end of the leader you attach, either a circle hook, or also popular are these Kahle style hooks. Good baits for flounder are finger mullet, that's probably the top bait, mud minnows, work well, small pinfish and live shrimp is great as well.

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