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Video:Safety Tips for Cold Weather Running

with Dr. Wayne Coleman

Learn these safety tips for cold weather running so that you don't injure or harm yourself while maintaining your fitness regimen. Follow these safety tips for cold weather running to keep your training schedule on track during the winter months.See Transcript

Transcript:Safety Tips for Cold Weather Running

I'm Dr. Wayne Coleman, chiropractor and owner of Hands On Chiropractic in Pleasanton, Calif. I have been running for over 20 years -- I'm known out here as the running chiropractor, and today for we are going to talk about safety tips for cold weather running.

Dress Warm When Running in Cold Weather

Dress for the weather. Start off by layering your clothes, and as you go along you can take some clothes off. Here is a tip: In really cold weather, dress as if you are going to go snow skiing, but without the bib.

Avoid Black Ice and Slush When Running in Cold Weather

Black ice can look just like pavement so when you run, and there is a possibility of black ice, shorten your running stride. This cuts down your chances of falling on the ice.

Stay away from slush, snow and water. Keeping your feet warm and dry is very important in order to keep running and not injure yourself.

Stay Hydrated When Running in Cold Weather

Just because you are running in cold weather doesn't mean you don't need to drink water or sports drinks to stay hydrated.

Plan Your Route When Running in Cold Weather

And finally, plan your route, if you get caught in weather that is just too cold to run in, and in the middle of your run, you need to know where to go for have shelter ahead of time, and then can take cover fast. And remember to have a warm drink after the run to warm yourself up.

Those are some safety tips for running in cold weather. Thank you for watching, and for more information, visit the web at

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