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Video:How to Stay Motivated While Running

with Jonathan Stewart

Staying motivated while running can be a challenge, especially once the weather gets cold. Here are some tips for staying motivated while running so that you maintain your fitness regimen.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Stay Motivated While Running

While those of us who run note many reasons for why we enjoy it -- gives us energy, keeps us fit, provides some quiet time -- even the most avid among us may have those momentary lapses of motivation while running. Instead of slacking off, take advantage of these tips that will breathe new life into your running regimen.

Use Music to Stay Motivated While Running

Music is one of the biggest motivators and is a great way to get your mind off of how many more miles you have to go. Investing in a MP3 player like one of the many iPod models is a great way to take your tunes with you. You can create playlists that match your pace and route, switching from fast, heart-pumping songs for those tough spots to slower songs to help you relax and cruise.

Not everyone is a music aficionado, so the same MP3 player can be used to enjoy audio books, podcasts, radio shows, and sports commentary. Thanks to the magic of downloads, just about any type of media can be enjoyed through sites like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Consider Reflection to Stay Motivated While Running

But, it doesn't all have to be noise. This is a great time to think about your goals or things you want to accomplish. It's a period of reflection that you may not get otherwise when you step back into the fast-lane of your life when the run is over.

Getting lost in thought by making mental to-do lists or reflecting on something you read or a conversation you had can be just the distraction you need to keep your pace and finish your run.

Positive Affirmation Can Help You Stay Motivated While Running

If you feel like you have life sorted out, you might want to try some other things to stay motivated. This could be positive affirmations or repeating some motivational running quotes. These techniques will keep you in a positive frame of mind and give you reasons to keep going or even pick up that pace.

Running past the same landmarks for the same length of time can also get stale and impact your effort. Get motivated by changing the scenery, adding another mile, and altering the terrain. There are scores of sites out there to help you quickly generate a new route, save existing routes, and track performance along the way to help you set new goals.

Run With Company to Stay Motivated While Running

Last, but not least, there is often strength – and motivation – in numbers. Having a running partner is someone who can keep you going or push the pace so you don't fall into a rut with your running.

Running clubs are a popular choice for many people, too. Nothing will keep you as motivated as sharing your running passion with others and making friends as you hit the road. I'm Jonathon Stewart, with
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