How to Make an iTunes Playlist for Running (screencast) Video
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Video:How to Make an iTunes Playlist for Running (screencast)

with Nick

Making an iTunes playlist for running will help keep you motivated and focused on your workout. Stop shuffling through your songs on your iPod and learn how to easily build a running playlist.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make an iTunes Playlist for Running (screencast)

Hello my name is Nick and I’m here for to talk you through how to make a playlist on iTunes. I’ll be using a Mac for this video, but the controls for a Windows computer are reasonably similar.

Create a Playlist in iTunes

First we need to make a space for your songs to go in by creating a playlist. Click on the File tab and you will see several options including New Playlist, New Playlist from Selection and New Smart Playlist. Select New Playlist and a a new playlist will open on the left hand side of the window. You can also use the control + N function, or command + N if you’re on a Mac. From here you can rename the playlist into anything you want, to make it easier to categorize. If you’re using a Mac, you can also type ‘playlist’ into the Help tab. If you want to delete any of your playlists, make sure the playlist is selected and then press the backspace or delete buttons.

Fill Your Playlist with Your Selected Songs for Running

Now you need to fill your playlist with songs. Click on the music tab and use the search bar to type in the name of the album you want to turn into a playlist. From here you can either select a single song and drag it to the playlist folder, or select several songs at once and copy and paste them using the Edit Copy tab. Don’t forget, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Command + C and Command + V to perform the same function. Now you can alter details such as the song rating, album title and artist.Next we’ll take a look at how to create a playlist from selection. Select the song you wish to include in your playlist, click on the File tab and select New Playlist from Selection. All of the selected songs will be grouped together in a new playlist, which you can rename at your leisure.

Use the Smart Playlist to Filter the Best Songs for Running

Perhaps the most useful feature for creating a playlist is the New Smart Playlist function. Selecting this allows you to search your entire music library for specific conditions, for example, name of artist. You can exclude other conditions such as certain albums you don’t want to include and then select how large you want the playlist to be. For a running playlist, you might want to consider changing this option to a time setting. Click ‘OK’ and a new playlist will be created from the parameters you set.Now that you have a playlist you are happy with, you need to upload it onto your iPod player. Connect the iPod into your computer and wait until it has fully synchronized. Click on the music tab and then select the playlist you want to include. Click the apply button and wit for the tracks to synchronize. As soon as they’re done, eject your iPod.

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