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Video:How to Keep Feet Warm on Cold Runs

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How to keep feet warn during cold runsSee Transcript

Transcript:How to Keep Feet Warm on Cold Runs

I'm Dr. Wayne Coleman, chiropracter and owner of Hands On Chiropractics in Pleasanton, Calif. I've been running for over 20 years and I'm known out here as the running chiropracter, and today for we're going to talk about how to keep your feet warm on cold runs.

Warm Up Before Running to Keep Feet Warm on Cold Runs

It can be dangerous to let your feet get too cold when running. Besides you can get blisters, loose feeling in your feet, and can cause you to fall and hurt yourself. Here is how to keep you feet warm when running.

Warm up before you go outside, jog in place, stretch, get your feet warm before you go outside. Wear socks that wick sweat and moisture away, keeping your feet dry and warmer.

Use Hand Warmers And Keep Feet Dry to Keep Feet Warm on Cold Runs

Put hand warmers in your shoes, these are little plastic bags to break, put outside your socks, inside your shoes, these can help keep your feet warmer.

While you are out running avoid getting your feet wet by avoiding snow, slush, puddles of water.

Wear Winter Shoes to Keep Feet Warm on Cold Runs

Wear the right kind of winter running shoe, with less mesh, built for the winter runs to keep feet warm. Wear a good knit cap on your head -- this may sound strange, but keeping your head warm will keep your whole body and feet warmer. That is how to keep your feet warm on cold runs.

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