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Video:Best Free iPod Pedometers

with Nick Jaynes

Free iPod pedometers allow you to track how far you've run without having to spend money on an app. Here are some of the best free iPod pedometers for running.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Free iPod Pedometers

Hi, I'm Nick Jaynes for and these are the best iPod pedometers.

As a runner, keeping track of how far you've gone and show many steps you've taken to get there can be just as important when tracking improvement as speed. Surprisingly enough, in Apple app world, there is no shortage of pedometers. As an added benefit, most of the best pedometers on the iTunes app store are free as well, so you can easily get a hold of a good app without breaking the bank.

Best Free iPod Pedometers: Smart Solutions' Pedometer 24/7

5. Smart Solutions' "Pedometer 24/7 FREE": The Smart Solutions Pedometer is fairly simple and works equally as well. The biggest issue this app is that once the app is running, it locks the screen. The only way I've found to unlock it is to hit the home button, close the app, and then reload it.

This is hugely annoying program issue. It inhibits ease of use. Add to this the limited features of the app and this is why it's last on the list.

Best Free iPod Pedometers: Maxim Caluguru's Pedometer

Maxim Caluguru's "Pedometer for FREE": Featuring current and average speed, distance, and current calories and calories per hour, Maxim Caluguru's pedometer appears to be on the same platform as Smart Solutions. And it carries over a lot of the issues of its brother app.

But on the positive side, it's a better-looking app. As a free app, it's an excellent value. It's just not as strong as other free pedometers on the market.

Best Free iPod Pedometers: Eduard Chapkis' "Pocket Pedometer"

Eduard Chapkis' "Pocket Pedometer": This app shares the same platform as several other pedometers on the market but doesn't somehow fall into the same pitfalls as its related pedometers.

It works virtually flawlessly. It is a bit cheesy looking but it works well. The biggest detractor to this app is its lack of features. It's certainly better than the Smart Solutions pedometer but pales in comparison to the more comprehensive, free apps.

Best Free iPod Pedometers: Palm Shadow's Footsteps

Palm Shadow Apps LLC's "Footsteps -- Pedometer FREE": Footsteps has a similar layout and set of features as the Arawella Pedometer. You can set a play list, estimate calories burnt, track current speed as well as see a readout of average speed, and distance traveled.

The layout of the app is a bit more utilitarian than others but includes more features. So if you don't care if your app is flashy looking, then you’ll be quite happy with Footsteps.

Best Free iPod Pedometers: Arawella's Pedometer

Arawella Corporation's "Pedometer FREE": Unlike other free pedometers on the market, the Arawella doesn’t require you to enter your height and weight before it will start measuring speed, distance, and calories burned.

Even though this is by far the best app for pedometers, it still relies on technology, not specifically designed for measuring steps so it won't be 100 percent accurate. But for the price, it's a knockout.

As you can see, there are several strong free iPod pedometers on the market. And each of these free apps have more comprehensive versions for purchase if you're ever interested in an upgrade.

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