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Video:Setting Up Restaurant Dining Spaces

with William Zambrotto

Your dining room set up doesn't just create a mood in the restaurant - it also affects the way your staff functions as well as the customer's comfort and overall dining experience. See what you should consider in your restaurant set up.See Transcript

Transcript:Setting Up Restaurant Dining Spaces

Welcome to Tavern on the Green. My name is William Zambrotto. I'm the general manager, with And we're going to talk about how to maximize the service space for your guests and for your staff.

Make Your Restaurant Set Up Flexible

Up to 600,000 guests a year pass through these corridors. We have six different dining rooms throughout the restaurant. Here at Tavern on the Green most of our equipment and furniture is all removable. Nothing is stationary, so, we can manipulate the dining rooms any way shape or form we choose, depending on the various types of setups or reservations we may have.

That is something I would strongly recommend for most establishments. It gives you quite a wide variety of different options. Every day it's different. You never know how many reservations you're going to have or what table sizes and parties they're going to be. So, you can have this dining room for example, set for a hundred and fifty people and it could be all parties of two, or it could be a mixture of parties two, four, six, whatever.

Create a Comfortable Restaurant Set Up

This is the main dining room that we have set up. It seats approximately 210 people. One of the greatest concerns when setting up a dining room for any event is the comfort of the guests. You don't want people to be sitting on top of each other - you want them to be comfortable.

Ensure Staff Maneuverability in the Dining Space

You want the wait staff to be able to maneuver the dining rooms without intruding upon the guests. And that's basically the major concerns. You also want to be able to maximize every seat that you have. So you do want to fill the restaurant and each dining room as much as possible.

Keep Food Prep Out of View

One of the key components to insuring the guests comfort is keeping our waiting stands out of view and out of sight, so they're not intrusive upon the guests and our wait side stands are also as well portable. So we can move them into different areas.

Keep Restaurant Traffic Flow Moving

A very important aspect is traffic flow. From the moment they step in the front doors at the front desk, they're coming down the hallways and into the different dining rooms. Part of the setup of the diagram, you clearly have to have passageways for the wait staff to get through without bumping into tables and chairs as well as for guests coming in, because you have a lot of cross traffic at times.

Allow Enough Space Between Tables

You also have to have a favorable amount of space between tables, both for the fact that you don't people bumping into each other and so the staff can maneuver around the tables. And we have fine dining service here. Each person must be presented their plate directly, not as we say auctioned off by passing someone their plates and letting them place them around themselves. So, you have to have plenty of space all around every table.

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