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Corinne Leigh

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About: Corinne Leigh, host of About.com's new web series Re:create, is the founder and former host of Threadbanger and a DIY maven. Watch her each week as she teams up with popular bloggers to turn the hottest trends into craft perfection.


You may recognize me from Threadbanger. We started about five years ago, making videos about how to make things yourself and teaching other people how to make things.

Corinne Leigh behind the scenes

How Did You Get Started With Crafting?

The way I got started doing it was kind of crazy. I was living on a bus that ran on recycled vegetable oil and we were making videos about organic food and alternative energy sources. What I really got concerned about was where all of my clothing was coming from. I started realizing that it was being made in really shady ways and yada, yada, yada ... Long story short, I started dedicating my life to making all my own clothing or buying things from vintage stores, and showing how to recreate those items into new things. We really dedicated our lives to turning all the old crap we had around our house into new functional items that could be used in everyday life.

What Advice Do You Have for Aspiring Bloggers?

Just get started doing it. You're always going to be afraid of what people are going to think about what you have to say or how you look on camera or what your hair is doing. But honestly, the beauty of blogging and making videos is being yourself and having your own individual voice.

What Is the First Thing You Ever Made?

When I was a little kid, I -- and this has extended into my adult life -- but I was super obsessed with doll houses and miniatures. So the first things that I started making were little things for my doll houses. I actually started out making my own houses for my little tiny figurines out of my mom's old checkbook boxes. It was really weird, but I used to take the little boxes and make little rooms, and little beds out of gum wrappers and toothpicks. It was one of my favorite things ever and still something that I, when I think about, cherish to this day.

What is Your Biggest Craft Fail?

So, craft fails. I've had many of them. And it's really hard to remember what my biggest craft fail was -- I would say the most recent big craft fail was making my own wedding dress. It came out great, the final product was acceptable, but the craft fail element of that was it took so long to do, like I hemmed the whole bottom of the dress myself, which took like 15 hours to hand-hem the whole bottom of the skirt. And I was literally sewing on buttons until a half-hour before we had to leave to get on our flight to go to the wedding, so it was chaotic.

What is Your Most Essential Craft Tool?

My pair of scissors -- I actually have probably like 20 different types of scissors, one for each little different thing. Rob knows that if he uses my fabric scissors to cut a piece of paper, it's going to be like donezo for him. So I'm super obsessed with my scissors and I honestly don't know what I would do without them.

What Can We Expect on This Season of Re:create?

I am super excited about this season of Re:create. We're tackling some DIY projects that I didn't even think were possible. But we want to know what you want us to make, so make sure to send in videos of your questions, leave comments, send us emails and be sure to tune in right here on About.com.

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